nerd for birds

a bird blog

I am beside myself with happiness, while outside with my new Olympus lens, I discovered I am somewhat a nerd when it comes to birds.  I want to capture them all.   I know bird watching is a thing, I’ve always thought it was kind of nerdy, and thought I needed to be older to do it, because it just didn’t sound young and hip.  Here I am though, totally in love with taking photos of birds.  I wouldn’t be here without the Olympus Zuiko 75-300 lens, it’s a super telephoto lens that makes it easy to capture birds while out hiking because it’s actually very small for a telephoto lens.  I thought of a name for the blog and can’t wait to get started!  I will mainly post photos of birds that I, ahem, watching. Yep.  Exciting stuff.
I might even (watch out!) research these birds and write something about them.  There is something magical of being out in nature and staring up in a tree to see these little guys fluttering around.  Then to be able to actually get to see what they look like through a lens, it’s like finding little secrets hidden in the woods.  All I can say is becoming a bird watcher, is this is going to be fun.



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