White Throated Sparrow


While I LOVE taking photos of birds, identifying them is somewhat more complicated than I thought it would be.  This little guy I thought was a Golden Crowned sparrow, but after further research to be sure, I found out it was more likely the White Throated Sparrow, especially since the Golden Crowned Sparrow is found on the east coast, not in Texas.

This little White Throated guy, likes to hop around near bushes, looking for bugs and food on the ground.  They breed in Canada but come to Texas during the winter.  He seemed very happy to be here to on this beautiful sunny day in January.  I love his funny little tummy that sticks out, I think he has had a good time finding food here.

They love seeds, berries, and insects, which I am sure they find in abundance in East Texas, since we have so many bugs!  I am glad they come, hopefully they eat as many bugs as they can find!  I found most of my information on the White Throated Sparrow at allaboutbirds.org, for more information on the White Throated Sparrow visit their page here.

Happy Birding!